A new ‘Made in Italy’ sneaker brand

The stories of young people who learn their trade in the family environment and then embark on an independent path, poised between craftsmanship and innovation, are increasingly numerous in the footwear sector. A sign that ‘Made in Italy’ still has a great appeal for the new generations, determined to enhance it to safeguard a heritage that has strong links to the territory. This is the case of the Louissun brand; born in 2021, still in the middle of the Covid pandemic, from the passion of brothers Domenica and Luigi Pagliuca who produce the collection in Aversa in the province of Caserta, building on the experience gained in their family business. All ‘Made in Italy’, thus, for a brand focused on sneakers that are versatile in spirit, targeting a wide consumer audience. In the various stages of production (cutting, sewing, skiving, etc.) the company uses the latest generation machinery; however, each step of the process is monitored and controlled by specialised workers to ensure extreme attention to detail and high-quality standards.