The Primigi Lights app lets you personalise your shoes with illuminated animations and texts.

Still wearing the same shoes? That’s pretty boring, guys! Now you can personalise your shoes with illuminated graphics, animations and texts with the new Primigi Infinity Lights line, which has inserted LEDs into its shoes. To see the word “Primigi” in lights, all you have to do is press the red button under the heel loop of both shoes for a couple of seconds. To see the rest of the stock phrases, you click again. You can change the direction the words or graphics scroll and whether they face up or down by clicking twice quickly. 

The screen uses batteries that can be recharged with a USB cable (provided). If you fancy inserting your own personalised text or graphics, you first have to download the “Primigi Lights” app from the PLAY STORE or APP STORE.
Follow the instructions, and you’re done!