For children, next summer brings clothing and footwear in the name of comfort and joy

[On the cover: Pitti Island_Pitti Bimbo]

The summer has just ended and we already know the themes and suggestions for the next hot season in 2023. Micam and Pitti Immagine Bimbo dictated them, this last took place last June in Florence in spirit of the ‘Pitti_Island mood’, a journey in an imaginary island to meet other people, fostering a continuous exchange of multi-ethnic and multicultural experiences, which are also reflected in the clothing and accessories. It will, thus, be a cheerful and comfortable season, which is expressed in clothing through comfortable lines and volumes, light but raw and natural fabrics, colours ranging from neutrals to fruity pastels. Shoes, as well as colours and models, that are stolen from the adult world and share with clothing what has become the mantra of the moment: aesthetics combined with ethics, which in the case of children also imposes itself as a necessity – they need products that are reliable and attentive to the characteristics of their growing feet. Thus, uppers and soles in natural or recycled materials, removable, breathable and antibacterial insoles, nickel free accessories, processes that enhance softness and flexibility, accurate details, all pluses that ‘Made in Italy’ is able to ensure and satisfy.

Unmissable sneakers

Almost a necessity for children who cannot do without them in games and in everyday life: from genderless models in total white to those that differ in gender according to their colours and embroidered details, glitter, ribbons, and applications – sneakers that combine fantasy, technology, and research.

Sandals & Co.

Ageless and genderless models are the sportier ones with Velcro straps and anatomic soles, and “spider” sandals with flat bottoms. For girls, classic or formal ballet flats, but also those with more gritty soles, and classic sandals with straps and lots of decorations; for him and for her, also espadrilles and slip-ons.

Baby cool

The miniature shoes are just as impressive as the junior ones. A concentration of perfection and style. In this case, the characteristics of softness, well-being, lightness, and breathability are accentuated.