The new ‘Made in Italy’ brand focuses on sneakers

The name evokes the force of nature, a simmering of matter that bursts into the sky and pierces it with its light, a show that intimidates and fascinates at the same time. The awakening volcano is like creativity that explodes and takes on new forms of expression.

Thus, was born the Lava brand, produced in Italy, to explore the world of sneakers with models capable of synthesising the magnetic, eruptive, and fluid force of lava energy, which destroys and reshapes matter. “Our models are like magnetic fields, like volcanoes. Unpredictable and explosive like lava and therefore suitable for the eclecticism of the new generations”, explains the brand’s creative team. The result? A model halfway between a basketball and a skater shoe, in both low- and high-top versions, with an upper that uses calfskin and suede to give depth and three-dimensionality. Within the Autumn-Winter 23/24 collection, a special edition has been dedicated to the denim sneaker, completely hand-made, from the curling of the material that is subjected to washing and discolouration, to the dirtying of the sole, elements that make each model unique and different from each other. And if the watchword in fashion today is seasonless, Lava also offers carryover models every season, such as those in black or white and the yellow and blue combination.

The launch project was supported by The Best Shops, shops associated with Camera Buyer Italia which brings together, protects, and represents the best luxury multi-brand stores in Italy.