An artist from Puglia has interpreted the 2Star shoe

From total white to a small work of art: it is the transformation of the flagship model of the 2Star brand, produced in white, thanks to the creative intervention of the artist Biagio Castellano. A collaboration that is certainly not accidental, both are from Puglia and share a love for their land. Biagio Castellano was among the artists present at the International Contemporary Art Exhibition “Pro Biennale” in Venice in 2020, obtaining the Salvator Dalì International Art Prize with his paintings. He creates his works by experimenting with the effect of painting and collage on different surfaces and in this case the shoe has become a blank canvas on which to create his art, without any preparatory drawing, but through hand-made graphics with non-toxic watercolours. Each sneaker becomes a unique piece, the quintessence of customisation. These models are on sale on the brand’s e-commerce and in a few selected stores.