Also selling Falcotto, W6YZ and Voile Blanche junior.

A brand that makes children feel secure and that mums trust for the quality, comfort and fashionable looks of the shoes.
The newly opened store on Largo Augusto, Milan, sits just steps from the historic Naturino store on via Durini.
Much larger, and with a second entrance on via Cerva, the store expands over two floors: the first is defined by an antique oak parquet, created from re-used wood, and a grey stripe running along the walls; while the second features antique oak furniture, white walls and a grey floor. 

Located next to Naturino are the other brands from the Falc group: Falcotto, W6YZ and Voile Blanche junior, as well as the new clothing project Tu&Io by Naturino, targeted at children and parents, as it embraces the “mini me” trend that is so popular at the moment.