A new footwear brand designed by a collective of creatives

That the heel-sculpture has become a feature that attracts attention and characterises the shoe is now a leitmotif of many collections. However, the Kardif brand’s heel-sculpture is a real work of art, conceived and developed in composite material, where technique meets art. Kardif is a collective formed in 2019 as a hub for visionary creatives (they are also behind the Alex de Pase footwear project) without ever losing sight of beauty and functionality, values supported and enhanced by ‘Made in Italy’ manufacturing. Born during the lockdown period, this new brand focuses on Rampage, the animal fury of a massive creature. The same fury is hidden behind the creative act and recalls the concept of “where there’s a will, there’s a way”, the brand managers explain – the creators remain anonymous because they want the product to speak for itself. And here the monster, in the first collection making its debut in Spring/Summer 2022, becomes a heel that supports the ankle boot that is open at both the toe and heel, or slims the sandal with an ankle strap. But it is also found in the form of a jewel-accessory on high-heeled pumps and stiletto heel sandals, on ankle boots, and on ballet flats.