She chooses shoes and clothes according to her mood. She has a “playful” relationship with fashion, but a real passion for sport.

[On cover: Justine Mattera, photo credits: Lars Wehrmann, source: Instagram]

Showgirl, film and theatre actress, TV presenter, singer and mother of two, with a degree from Stanford University.
She was born in the States, but in 1994 she became an Italian citizen. On social media, she alternates from sexy and provocative photos, to some more sporty ones, given that she is a triathlon enthusiast – which is quite something! Often running and riding, she has also been spotted at parties and catwalks.
Justine Mattera has a “playful” relationship with fashion and footwear. At her home her shoes have their own walk-in wardrobe!

What is your relationship with fashion?

Playful! I follow fashion shows, living in Milan it is impossible to miss out. I am not a fashion victim, though. I choose clothes that fit me, often mixing contemporary and vintage items.

Clothes and footwear, how do you match them?

I choose clothes and footwear based on my mood, depending on the occasion, location, time and comfort. Stiletto boots on a lawn – that is a no for me!

How many times a day do you change your shoes?

Given that I practise many sports and am a sprint mum, I would say that I change them 3 times a day. Sometimes more.

How many shoes do you have in your wardrobe?

I have more than 200 pairs. I have a walk-in wardrobe for my shoes.

How many shoes do you buy per season?

At least 5 pairs.

Where do you prefer to buy them? Do you also buy online?

I prefer to buy them in store, so that I can try them on. I have very small feet.

Which one would you never give up?

I never give up on a black patented shoe. It goes with everything. I always carry a pair in my suitcase.

Which would you like to throw away and why?

I would like to have the courage to throw some Bagaglino dance shoes, but I keep them as a reminder of a television era that no longer exists.

Italian shoes are…

…the best. But I am not objective.

How was your passion for running and cycling born, and how do you choose sport shoes?

For sport, I choose shoes for comfort and functionality.

For running I wear only Brooks, the only ones that allow me to run without my shins, knees etc. hurting. They are the shoes with which I have achieved all my best performances.

For cycling, I use the Sidi Sport brand. For my tiny feet they are ideal and are also of a very high quality.
My passion for cycling was born thanks to my husband. My two sons even race competitively.
I love the major races (Giro d’Italia, Le Tour de France, La Vuelta) and participate in different races every season.