A new ‘Made in Italy’ footwear brand with an underground soul

[On the cover: a FW 2021/22 proposal by JAC]

JAC is a new project, founded by Cesare Pizzuti and the Torresi family, which is also the first brand of this creative container that will lead to other initiatives. The starting point is, in fact, ‘Just Another Copy’, a line of footwear for the most part for women that, however, provocatively does not want to be “just another copy”, but rather presents itself with its own unique personality and contemporary style. In other words, innovative but light soles, soft materials, gritty and urban chic models. The creatives behind the brand want to provoke consumers, stimulating them to think and choose for themselves and to reflect on their behaviours. So, be yourself without prejudice, be part of a broad community where you can build relationships and share opportunities. Military boots, boots, Derbies, brogues and Chelsea boots, all strictly ‘Made in Italy’, as the founders have firm roots in the Marche production: Cesare Pizzuti, the son of the founder of ‘Zeis Excelsa’ which dates back to 1948, and the Torresi family who created the Galizio Torresi brand in 1979.