Semi-handmade antique-finish and distressed-effect shoes

There are areas in Italy where a long tradition in the craft of shoe-making provides a fertile soil for growing brands and companies, almost always nurtured by the passion and know-how rooted in the local territory. This is the case of the JP/David brand, and the local territory is the area around Caserta, an area steeped in the artisan tradition. The brand was created by the Piscitelli shoe factory after an initial period working for third parties. The name is made up of the initials of Jada and David, children of the owner Alfonsino Piscitelli. “We started off making classic men’s shoes – he explains – and then we invested in research and design, in order to find our own style and a product that represented us. Today, our shoes are semi-handmade, because the product undergoes many transformations during the shoemaking process We also use skins that are garment-dyed by dipping the uppers into barrels. In the same way, our shoe soles are customised and vintage-finished to order by our suppliers”.

Alfonsino Piscitelli

Although the company produced only men’s shoes at first, a line of women’s shoes was later added – starting with the more genderless models such as loafers, Oxford and Derby brogues, and then moving on to more feminine models, such as sandals, boots and booties; all with the same vintage allure, obtained by brushing and distressing, to produce that well-worn retro look that is so popular at the moment. Leather-braiding is another of the JP/DAVID collection’s strongpoints.

Italy represents the company’s biggest market, with a share that absorbs about 60/70% of production, while the rest goes to Germany, France, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, but also Japan, USA, Canada and Australia. An e-commerce platform has been set up to offer customers a wider range of products that not all shops may keep in stock, but also to meet the needs of more evolved consumers who like buying online.