‘Sì Rossi’ breaks the mould with sandals, pumps, and mules with sculpture-like heels

[On the cover: two SS 2021 proposals from Sì Rossi line]

The shoe is the aesthetic result of a mixture of workmanship and technical details, which create harmonious shapes. Without the perfect balance between each of these pieces, the final result would not be as effective in terms of creativity, comfort, and fit. To achieve these results, know-how and expertise are required. This is the case of the ‘Sì Rossi’ line from the Sergio Rossi shoe factory, a series of sandals, pumps and mules that alternate the single sole with Seventies-inspired platforms and focus above all on the shape of the heel. The colour palette ranges from classic earthy tones, such as leather, to bright colours such as red, acid green, and light denim. The line has been on sale since March in some top multi-brand stores around the world, in the brand’s flagship stores, and on their e-commerce.