A book explains how luxury drives change on the market

Bling – Il futuro del lusso parla Instagram, indossa sneakers e usa l’AI is a book published by Mondadori and written by Aldo Agostinelli and Silvio Meazza about the future that is already within reach. The title translates as “The future of luxury speaks Instagram, wears sneakers and uses AI”, and the book is about how luxury has gone down the path of digital transformation, with new keywords such as omnichannel, user experience, and sustainability. In other words, luxury has succeeded in responding to change and leading the way, transforming digital communications and in turn allowing itself to be transformed by them. Bling is a book about marketing that also analyses the statistics: 50% of luxury buyers begin their purchasing experience online, in search of inspiration; 39% of these then go on to conclude a purchase offline, and so marketing must increasingly deal with “no channel” consumers who still prefer to shop the traditional way, in the boutiques, but demand the familiarity with their tastes associated with the digital world. This means today’s boutiques must be hyper-technological hubs. And while luxury is still western, buyers are increasingly eastern, and 33% of the world’s luxury buyers are now GenZ and Millennials demanding sustainable products. The world of luxury observes the trends, picks up the signals and responds accordingly.