A passion for flat, comfortable footwear. Made in Italy? An essential added value

[On the cover: Ornella Muti, special guest at Maison Celestino’s catwalk,

Ph. Francesca Amanteri]

Francesca Rivelli, aka Ornella Muti, one of the most famous and award-winning actresses of Italian cinema who has worked with directors of the calibre of Marco Ferreri, Mario Monicelli, Dino Risi, Woody Allen, just to name a few, is a woman with a magnetic charm, with her light eyes often framed by butterfly glasses. A diva on the screen, kind, helpful, polite, and smiley in everyday life. A special guest at the Maison Celestino fashion show – a Calabrian excellence that has its roots in the territory and in sophisticated weaving techniques to create precious fabrics that are transformed into haute couture dresses with cultured references, with forays into art and theater. Ornella Muti, in fact, wore clothes made by the maison which is based in Corigliano – Rossano for the show staged on the 19th of July in Rome, Mia Moglie Penelope (based on the novel Itaca per sempre) together with Pino Quartullo, actor and director, also present at the event in Calabria.

Ornella Muti and Pino Quartullo in “Mia Moglie Penelope” theathral show

wearing Maison Celestino (Ph. Augusto Frascatani)

Do you like shoes?

Very, very much. It is one of those accessories that the more you have, the more you want. It always seems to me that I need more for my wardrobe.

How many shoes do you have in your wardrobe?

I don’t know, many. For shoes, I share my wardrobe with my daughter Naike and, as such, the combined number we have is substantial.

Clothes and footwear, how do you combine them?

It depends, I like to match them or contrast them according to the occasion. I have no precise rules.

Which models do you love the most?

I am always in a hurry, so I love slip-ons, those by Roger Vivier are my favourites, and then also ballerina flats, beautiful and comfortable.

Comfortable shoes or killer shoes, then?

Every now and again you can make an exception for a high, uncomfortable shoe, but I believe that comfort is essential.

When you are acting, does the costume designer choose your shoes or can you sometimes choose them?

In the cinema or in the theatre they are chosen by the costume designer, but they must be comfortable, otherwise I can’t stand them. I have made a film in which I was always wearing high-heeled shoes, but they were comfortable, like gloves, such that I couldn’t feel them on my feet.

How many do you buy per season?

I don’t know. I guess I don’t think in terms of purchases per season, they are often impulse buys. When I see something I like, I can’t resist.

Where do you prefer to buy them, in store or online?

Definitely in store. I like to look at them, try them, touch them. It’s part of the shopping experience.

Which shoes could he not give up?

As I said, I love ballet flats, but I also often wear slip-ons, ankle boots with thin heels, because I don’t like chunky heels. I don’t feel comfortable in sneakers, which I leave to other types of clothing that aren’t very ‘me’.

Italian shoes are ……

‘Made in Italy’ has an added value – there is a reason for which even the most famous foreign brands come to produce their shoes in Italy.

Which brands are you most fond of?

I often wear Roger Vivier and I like Le Prosperine’s shoes.

Flavia Colli Franzone