A vegan lifestyle reflected in a simple, practical, animal-free wardrobe. Featuring Italian quality and comfort!

[On cover: Key Rush, source: www.keyrush.net]

Reporter, radio and television host, DJ and presenter (she presented the evening events during the last two editions of Micam), Kay Rush divides her time between Chamonix and India. She loves yoga, mountain climbing and hiking, and spends four hours a day in meditation. She is a strict vegan, and this lifestyle guides her choice of clothing and accessories too, seeking alternatives to animal hides.
Her programme Kay is in the Air, broadcast on Radio Monte Carlo Monday through Friday between 4 and 6 in the afternoon, takes listeners around the world to discuss news, trivia and topics of current interest, from women’s rights to ecology, LGBQ issues and technology.

How is your lifestyle expressed in your wardrobe?
I love simplicity, and this is reflected in my wardrobe: I buy something only if and when I need it. I have a strong focus on quality; as a vegan, it’s not always easy for me to find beautiful clothing and accessories that meet my requirements. 

As a traveler and mountain-climber, what is your wardrobe like?
When I go to India, I dress the way the Indians do, and when I go mountain climbing or trekking, I wear shoes by La Sportiva or La Scarpa. For city wear, I have discovered Save the Duck‘s 100% animal-free puff jackets. I would describe my style as athleisure, with a special focus on comfort. On work evenings, of course, I wear a classic dress, chosen to last a long time.

And on your feet?
After searching for a long time, I have discovered Marzeri Milano boots. I admit it’s not always easy for me to find products that meet my requirements, but I like everything I wear, from shoes to clothing, to be made in Italy, a guarantee of good taste and style.  I used to have a lot of shoes before I went vegan, but I sold them all or gave them away.

What about heels?
I’ve given up wearing heels. I used to like them, though.

Where do you like to do your shopping?
I shop online, because I don’t have the time, patience or need to shop in brick-and-mortar stores. 

Italian shoes are…
The most beautiful of all. Plus, their quality is guaranteed. And then they offer great comfort and fit.
They’re definitely the top!