Fashion designer Enzo Miccio, designer and planner of fairy-tale weddings and swish events, is the “champion of good taste”, for both ceremonies and shoes.

Photo shoots, scenic design and space set-up.
Before becoming Italy’s best-known Wedding and Events planner, Enzo Miccio lent his elegant and perfectionist hand to various professional areas associated with fashion and art.

Enzo has been a TV personality since 2005, starring in hit lifestyle programmes like “Ma Come ti vesti?!”, “Enzo Missione Spose” and “Diario di un Wedding Planner”, all of which gave him celebrity status among the general public as a Wedding and Events planner, as well as a master of style, strict judge of good taste and undeniable guardian of wedding etiquette.

Like the conductor of an orchestra, Enzo personally attends to each detail of the ceremony or event, from selecting the location to choosing the table design. He also manages the work of his staff. Everything has to fit perfectly to create a harmonious masterpiece that will offer its protagonists thrilling moments they will treasure forever. He is a true wedding entrepreneur: on top of Enzo Miccio Srl, Enzo has designed and put his signature on a collection of bridal wear and shoes, a bridal jewellery collection, “Butterfly”, and a line of wedding gifts.

All in all, he is now without a doubt the most fought-after man among all brides: after all, who wouldn’t want to receive his tips on which dress to wear or slip on wedding slippers designed by him, or simply keep calm, because when Enzo is in charge, you can rest assured that your wedding will be unique, amazing and… stylish.

How many shoes do you have in your wardrobe?
It’s the only accessory I keep on buying; I own an awful lot of shoes. I’m seriously considering buying a new wardrobe to put them into order.

What are your favourite shoes?
Velvet evening shoes.

And which shoes, on the other hand, would you never wear?
There are no shoes I particularly hate… though Crocs of course, if we can even class them as shoes!

Childhood memories. Do you remember a pair of shoes in particular that you wore as a child?
I certainly do: my first little patent leather shoes.

What was your latest purchase?
A stunning pair of slippers made by a designer from Antwerp using fabrics typically used for tapestries.

“No pain, no gain”, the saying goes. Do you think that’s also the case when it comes to shoes?
Of course! You certainly can’t expect to wear sneakers all the time. Don’t forget about colourful wedges for summer, versatile black ballet flats whatever the season, and the timeless court shoe. You can easily match all these shoes with your outfits, they’re bang on trend.

Have you, personally, ever loved a pair of shoes that then turned out to be uncomfortable or painful to wear?
Yes, often. I can’t not buy a pair of shoes just because they’re unavailable in my size. So, I try a size smaller or a size bigger… it’s crazy!

Italian shoes are…
Outstanding Italian-made products.
Italian shoes, classic or sporty, men’s or women’s, have achieved international supremacy as a product of excellence.

They truly are synonymous with quality and elegance and really do fully convey the great tradition of high-level Italian craftsmanship, as well as our creativity and good taste.

Let’s talk about wedding shoes now: what are the most unusual ones you’ve ever seen on a groom’s/bride’s feet?
I’d definitely say when a quirky colour or touch of sparkle is added. Brides often want to be daring. That’s great, as long as they do it after the cutting of the cake. I hate sneakers under a wedding dress, just as I detest reptile-print boots for men.

Have you ever dealt with a bride who was totally determined to wear a pair of shoes that did absolutely nothing for her?
Sure. These things often happen to me.

How did you convince her to change her wedding shoes?
I usually manage to get them to change their mind by letting them browse my wedding shoe collection: Enzo Miccio Bridal Shoes.

What are the strangest shoes you’ve ever seen?
Alexander McQueen’s Armadillo boots…they’re truly mad!