Arianna Chieli: journalist, blogger, startupper and digital narrator of fashion trends and footwear on and @ariannachieli.

[On cover: Arianna Chieli, foto crédits Valentina Melzi]

Shoes were part of her DNA, even before becoming digital stories.
Arianna Chieli has turned her innate passion for fashion into a profession which over the years has taken various forms: from writing, as a contributor to fashion magazines such as Vanity Fair and IoDonna, to teaching at the IED and Milan Fashion Institute. 

Her blog and Instagram account @ariannachieli are the result of a combination of fashion and digital technology: there Arianna talks about footwear and fashion trends knowledgably and with the easy familiarity of someone who wears them herself every day. Always on top of her game, she has reported live on the various fashion weeks on her social media channels and blog and, recently, on the latest edition of MICAM Milano.
Arianna is also a digital entrepreneur: with she creates narratives to help brands tell their story on the web and runs digital projects in the field of fashion, beauty and lifestyle.
In this interview given to Italian Shoes, Arianna is above all a shoe lover, who loves posting pictures of various types of footwear on Instagram and matching them to outfits that reflect her personality.

How many shoes do you have in your wardrobe?
A lot! Definitely over 100 pairs. Just think, I actually have to do a seasonal change of wardrobe for my shoes as well as for my clothes.

How many of them do you buy per season?
It depends, usually more in summer than in winter because I have a soft spot for sandals.

Where do you prefer to buy them? Do you shop online too?
I have some old-time favourites that I always go to, but I often also buy online, both on e-marketplaces and in brands’ online stores. I like to find new brands and wear young designers’ creations.

Which are your favourites, those that you would never throw out?
I have a pair of jewelled sandals by Giuseppe Zanotti Design that I carefully store and wear very infrequently for fear of ruining them, some décolletés by Renè Caovilla that I love and, of course, my wedding shoes, a pair of white Casadei that have stood the test of time.

Instead, which are the pairs that you would give up easily?
Sneakers. After I’ve used them for a while, I throw them away. It is mostly because I do a lot of sport and as soon as I notice that they are not performing as well as they should, I feel the need to change them.

Because they are trendy, comfortable… What guides your final decision to buy a pair of shoes?


Usually only one guiding principle: I have to fall in love.

What are your “most social” shoes?
If you mean the most ‘instagrammable’ ones, then I have to say my Cinderella shoes, covered with gold glitter.

Foto crédits: Arianna Chieli, dal profilo Instagram @ariannachieli.

Foto crédits: Arianna Chieli, dal profilo Instagram @ariannachieli.

Italian shoes are… (finish the sentence)
A must! We are the best; I have no doubts about this.

Your last purchase?
A pair of Italian-made dance shoes that are not just for dancing but have a retro-feel grace and femininity that makes them special.

What is a strange place you have been barefoot?
I’ve walked back from runway shows holding my shoes in my hands after 10 hours of wearing heels. I never wear shoes either on the beach on when on a boat.