The brand that wants you to “take a detox” from sneakers.

The debut slogan couldn’t be any clearer: “A world without sneakers is possible”, meaning there is more out there than sneakers. This is how Hyusto came about, which in Civitanova Marche dialect means “right” and by extension “beautiful”. The project goes back to the roots of the Malvestiiti family, which for the past 45 years has been working in the shoe industry, from design through to production. Their know-how has resulted in the brand concept, that is, a collection that revisits three classic models – moccasins, slippers and loafers – with a genderless vision that is free from the rules of time and place. The shoes are elegant, sporty, classic, every day, transgressive and comfortable, and all you need to do it choose the “hyusto” (right) pair and wear them with different types of clothes.
The online shop has been live since mid-November and the shoes are also available in selected clothing stores.