A book hot off the presses that helps you find your own style

I don’t have the right shoes by Valentina Genovesi (Longanesi), released on the 14th of June this year (as the author explains on the cover) is a “practical and emotional manual to find your style and choose the perfect shoes for you”. Yes, because the right – or wrong – shoe can make the difference to enhance or bury a look and, even, to make us feel at ease or uncomfortable during the day if style is not combined with comfort. Valentina Genovesi knows it well and from her IG account she teaches how to choose the perfect model for every foot. Her suggestions are collected in this manual to guide the reader to the composition of an ideal, essential, versatile, and unique shoe rack. If the conclusion is that the perfect shoe does not exist for anyone, certainly for every person there are many perfect shoes; necessary and ideal to express themselves at their best in any moment and circumstance.