For sneakers for light training, from 600km to 900km. This is how long Lotto’s ‘Speedevo 500’ can last for

Is it a lot or a little for a shoe suitable for light training runs and everyday walks to last between 600 and 900 kilometres on average? It is normal for a high-performance sneaker, designed for constant, daily use, to be subject to wear and tear. However, it all depends on the type of use (on road or off road) and on the user in relation to weight and speed of pace. This is confirmed by Lotto, an Italian company that produces footwear for sports and leisure. An example of this is the ‘Speedevo 500’, a model that draws inspiration from the top “100” version, and which is characterised by its moulded EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate) midsole to ensure maximum comfort, a mesh upper reinforced with hot-pressed PU areas, and a sole also made from EVA. In general, the weight of a single training shoe ranges from 280 to 340 grams and under 500km the shoes fully satisfy the characteristics of impact absorption, elasticity, containment, stability, and adherence of the tread.