The Venice-based event showcases the best of craft trades.

At last, a place for skill and artisanal craftsmanship, which exalts Europe’s know-how and its beautiful and well-made products. Homo Faber will be launched from 14 to 30 September in the Fondazione Giorgio Cini complex, in Venice, as an exhibition-event created to showcase the best of contemporary and traditional craft trades and their connection with the world of design.

These trades obviously include footwear, which is at its very best in the Santoni brand, selected to take pride of place, with the artistic technique of “velatura”. This involves applying colour onto the shoes by hand and is inspired by the processes that made Renaissance artists and Venetian landscape painters great.

The company’s young craftswomen will show the public how skilful use of colour can give the shoes precious, surprising hues, their finish unique because hand-applied. The event is sponsored by the Michelangelo Foundation for creativity and craftsmanship, founded by Johann Rupert and Franco Cologni.

Foto credits: © Susanna Pozzoli