The Giordano Torresi collection is the result of studies on the foot’s anatomy. Without neglecting femininity.

If you combine production technology with an engineering study on the anatomy of the female foot, you get a shoe that can be worn comfortably all day long, even if it has high heels. And if the shoe is also well-designed and stylish, then it has all that is needed to attract women’s attention, particularly if the models are customisable. 

This is the premise on which Giordano Torresi’s first collection was created, a collection designed together with the stylist Estelle Morelli and made at the family-owned shoe factory La Manuelita – a long-term manufacturing partner of leading footwear brands such as Alaia, Giambattista Valli, Agnona and Marni.
It is made up of ten different models that include court shoes (pumps), sling-backs and ankle boots, all of which have the added bonus of being customisable: materials, colour and sole can be chosen personally by the customer in accordance with her needs and tastes.

This project has adopted an innovative distribution system that uses both online and offline channels. An interactive e-commerce platform allows customers to configure their shoes by expressing a preference for a particular type of leather, colour, inserts, heels; it uses a purchasing process that gives each customer a unique ID number and enables the sole to be personalised with her initials.
At the same time, a number of multibrand boutiques will be equipped with special displays to allow customisation of the shoes, which can then be collected or delivered 4 weeks later.

In addition to his custom-made range, Giordano Torresi also offers a romantic and sophisticated 4-model capsule collection, a line of wrap-around ankle boots, minimalist masculine-style loafers, and sensual sandals with vinyl inserts.