Baldinini with its 110 years of history becomes a case to be studied at University

[On the cover: Baldinini Pre Fall 22/23]

History is not like water, and this is demonstrated by the Baldinini company, with 110 years behind it and a creative heritage to preserve and pass on. Thus, the Department of Cultural Heritage of the University of Bologna has started a collaboration with the San Mauro Pascoli shoe factory as part of a research project on the conservation and enhancement of the cultural heritage of fashion, including company archives.

In fact, Baldinini’s archive includes 2000 shoes that have been dated, sorted, and subsequently digitised and classified according to the various models, amongst which the iconic clog and cowboy boot stand out. All this has allowed Baldinini to become a case history that will be presented to the scientific community next October in Ravenna, during a conference dedicated to UNESCO’s 75th anniversary, focused on the themes of restoration, conservation, enhancement, digitisation, and heritage science.