The brand uses vegetable tanned leathers, careful manufacturing, and low environmental impact machinery

A precursor of sustainability, the Henry Beguelin brand already demonstrated in the early 1980s its attention to recycling and reusing materials, following a path that today fashion has chosen as its mission. In fact, a group of friends on the Island of Elba began to assemble, almost by chance, accessories in cowhide and recycled materials, such as cans and straws that were found on the beach. After 40 years, the brand, which is headed by Tullio Marani, continues according to its philosophy of producing accessories, including footwear, but also clothing and furnishing items, with vegetable tanned leathers, water-based glues, seams made by hand, and machinery that does not impact global warming. Thus, the autumn-winter 22/23 collection is a hymn in praise of all things handmade, an expression of ‘Made in Italy’, which combines tradition and innovation. The logo itself, a little man embroidered by hand on the product, becomes a guarantee of craftsmanship and of the quality of the product’s materials and workmanship. The shoes range from classic models to more contemporary ones, including sneakers and ankle boots, opting for soft leathers such as deer and a stretch knit fabric combined with leather details.