Long metallic claws finished with footwear

[On the cover: an artwork by Hannah Levy at Venice Biennale – photo by Anita Panizzolo]

The title of the Venice Biennale (from the 27th of April to the 27th of November at the Giardini and Arsenale) is Il latte dei sogni [The Milk of Dreams], a wide-ranging exhibition in which 213 artists from 58 countries are participating. The title, chosen by the curator Cecilia Alemani, derives from a children’s storybook by Leonora Carrington (1917-2011), in which the surrealist artist tells dreamlike stories of hybrid and mutant creatures capable of terrifying both young and old. Carrington’s fables describe a magical world in which life is constantly reinvented through the prism of the imagination and in which one is allowed to change, transform, become something other than oneself. Thus, the exhibition focuses on three thematic areas: the representation of bodies and their metamorphoses; the relationship between individuals and technologies; the connection between bodies and the Earth. The exhibition locations are populated with dreamlike figures, with installations that distort objects and their functions. This is what the artist Hannah Levy does; she makes common objects alien, distorting or exaggerating their proportions. Among the works that she exhibits at this edition, there are also metal structures similar to long claws that finish with shoe-sculptures in the shape of a sandal.