GreenSide, respecting the environment

On the cover: Fratelli Rossetti – GreenSide-woman]

Fashion’s green breakthrough is also affecting the accessories and brands that have shaped the history of ‘Made in Italy’ footwear, which are including capsule collections and more environmentally friendly products. This is how Fratelli Rossetti is presenting its GreenSide project, which draws inspiration from the brand’s sporty side, combining tradition with the current needs of consumers. The moccasins, characterised by their tassels, are made of high-quality suede leather, obtained according to the dictates of the circular economy with eco-sustainable manufacturing processes and an impact of less than 0.803 kg CO2/m2. A natural, non-woven, bamboo fibre fabric is used for the inner lining, ensuring high breathability and optimal moisture absorption. The sole is, instead, entirely in natural latex, making the shoe versatile and comfortable. The seams, made of cotton, highlight the handcrafted aspects of the product. The removable insole, as well as the natural bamboo lining, is made of 84% recycled breathable neoprene from polyurethane and Ecofelt, entirely obtained from PET fibres. The colour palette ranges from sand to sage to primary shades of red and blue. The women’s version is distinguished from the men’s version by an extra-long tassel.


Fratelli Rossetti – GreenSide – Men