The Italian brand is collaborating with the American champion for a sneaker to wear in Tokyo

Golden Goose was born in Venice 20 years ago, inspired by skate culture. It is, thus, inevitable, that a relationship should form with the skateboard champion Cory Juneau, ranked third in the world and at the helm of the US team at the Tokyo Olympics, which for the first time has included skateboarding among the sports disciplines. For the occasion, the brand has created an exclusive 1OF1 sneaker for Juneau to wear during the event, consolidating its lifestyle attitude and affinity with this world. Thus, begins a journey From Venice to Venice in three stages, from Venice (Los Angeles, California) to Tokyo, which culminates in Venice (Italy), the homeland of Golden Goose. A journey that also wants to become a story about sharing values and passions, a common thread that binds the champion to the footwear brand.

Skating will also be the soul of an event during the next Venice Film Festival, when on the 6th of September the company and the Italian skateboard brand Bastard will give new life to their iconic skate bowl, with performances on the Venice Lagoon by Cory Juneau and a select group from this sporting community.


Cory Juneau