The ‘Objects’ series continues, with sculptures that create an optical illusion

Laser Cube is a crystal sculpture with the interior engraved to create a 3D image of Balenciaga’s iconic sneakers. It is a project from the ‘Objects’ line that puts the X-Pander, Triple S, Track and Tyrex models “under glass”, creating real sculptures to be exhibited. The laser-reproduced details of each sneaker are meticulous and precise, and the final effect is that of a transparent shoe suspended in glass. Each sculpture bears the name of the model, with the brand’s name above it and below it the three-dimensional image, each weighs 1.4 kilos and costs 495 Euros. The Laser Cubes pay homage to timeless models, produced outside fashion’s usual categories, a series of objects to be collected both as limited editions and as timeless items.