Perfect for working from home and receiving guests

[On cover: SS2020 AdoroTe]

Adoro Te, a Tuscan brand owned by Elena Del Carratore, a designer from a family with a long history of entrepreneurs, makes slippers inspired by our new lifestyle and habits, which force us to spend more and more time working and relaxing at home. The collection for this spring/summer is bursting with tropical vibes and celebrates the beauty of nature. Deconstructed painted leaves are mixed with nods to animalier with fabric and leather fringes. The colours can’t be anything but warm, earthy, orange tones, which are paired with pale and cold shades of pink and green tropical vegetation.

Founded in 2015 by Cara Martin, Leslipper is the brand created to give back a bit of dignity to an often-overlooked type of footwear. Produced by artisans in Italy, these slippers are rich in details, inspired by haute couture, though with an international appeal. Endowed with a unique softness thanks to the slip lasting method, these timeless and seasonless models come out in different colours and details every once in a while. The velvet, suede or fabric upper is always enriched with crystal appliqués and the soft in-soles come in orylag and lambswool. Transforming the home slipper into a deluxe piece in an instant!