A Japanese project featuring Italian design and production

The technology may be Japanese, but it has an Italian heart, design and production. Fuji UNI is a footwear project by the well-known Japanese company launched simultaneously in Milan, New York and Tokyo in early March which will be reaching out to the public with a series of pop-up stores. The idea is based on the awareness that every single foot is unique, and instant digital imaging technology now allows shoes to be made to measure for any foot. Customers have their foot scanned in the store, then choose their favourite style and colour, receiving their custom-made shoes within two to four weeks at a cost of 300 to 800 dollars.

Designer André Maritan, whose team of 25 people also designs shoes for other brands, explains: “Prototype men’s and women’s styles are made by hand in Padua. Top quality materials and contemporary shapes are the key features of the styles we have created for next fall/winter: loafers, ankle boots and boots with a low to medium-high square heel and metal trim for women, lace-ups with tiny studs on the welt and a style for everyday wear inspired by golf shoes with a Vibram sole for men. The keyword for both is comfort”.