The story of a start-up created to raise awareness about responsible consumption

The pandemic has left some with more time for reflection, turning challenging situations into business opportunities. This happened to David Braccini (23 years old) who, after losing his job as a web designer, did not give up and joined forces with the creative Esther Masetti (22 years old) to found a start-up, which made its debut at Pitti Uomo. The .0 brand was born against the backdrop of the footwear sector. Regarding the name, David explains: “point zero is the logo we chose because it can be interpreted in different ways, without prejudice and without wanting to influence those who approach our product”. But it is also the starting point for research into and the development of innovative solutions, which aim at the conscious use and consumption of footwear.

These sneakers, in fact, are made of a single material made from woodworking waste, transformed into versatile biopolymers that can be used to make the entire shoe. Then, the same primary material, depending on the processing, is transformed into fabric for the upper (elasticity and breathability), into accessories and details (flexibility), and into material for the sole (resistance and durability). The material used to make the insole, on the other hand, comes from coconut and the laces are organic cotton. “Our intention”, David specifies, “is to obtain a recyclable shoe, made of a bio-based material, which at the end of its life cycle is broken down (the laces are removed) and placed in a recycler to create plastic components, returned to the initial polymers, and then used to create a new generation of products. Another important feature is that no water is used in the processing of the shoe”. The .0 collection, making its debut, focuses on a genderless single product, with a clean design, available either in a single colour or with contrasting details.