Alena Ettea applies to its footwear ‘cufflinks’ of pearl and crystal earrings that can also be worn as jewellery

A new footwear brand that takes its name from its creator, Alena Ettea, who debuted at White Milan. Timeless models with an ultra-feminine allure, but which also take inspiration from male details, such as cufflinks with pearls, which the designer learned to love over the course of her professional career.

Alena Ettea

After her studies at the Burgo fashion institute in Milan and at the London College of Fashion, she worked as creative director at a Apulian men’s clothing company. What, therefore, if not cufflinks, could have inspired Alena’s creativity: “They represent male energy, but applied to the female” – she explains – “and also the androgynous side of my personality. This is why I thought of applying them to the ankle boots, also leaving the wearer the freedom to use them as earrings. I particularly love the pearl which in its symbolic narration has always been an element of purity and rebirth”. But there are also other jewel details, with crystals adorning sandals, high-heeled pumps, and slingbacks or the garter that enriches a very simple sandal. The collection, very carefully curated in its details, is produced in Lombardy.