Transparent, woven/braided, perforated and chic-anatomic: from uppers to soles, these are the trends to go for both on and offline.

[On cover from left to right: Ferragamo, Giovanni Fabiani, Attico and Pollini]

PVC continues to feature in many collections, either for the whole of the upper or just some details. And if the heel is in plexiglass as well, then the nude look is total. But there are also mesh cutouts that contribute to the blink-and-you-miss-it interplay of transparencies.

Whether because it is reminiscent of artisanal handicrafts or because it allows an infinite mélange of colours to be used, braiding on shoes is right back in fashion again – from sandals to moccasins, in tone-on-tone or contrasting colours, for details or the whole upper.  

The traditional clog with an anatomic sole becomes ultra-chic in the latest version embellished with stones, embroidery, buckles and sparkly details. The glamorous effect is guaranteed and will make you forget all about the original models. But the comfort remains the same!

Micro or macro perforations and cutouts are featured in a variety of shoes, from pumps and sandals to sneakers. The lighter-weight uppers allow the foot to breathe.