For softness, lightness and flexibility

In the world of footwear every construction technique has its own raison d’être. The reasons may be comfort, flexibility, robustness, time, materials, cost.
As far as the California process is concerned, its most characteristic feature is its ability to produce shoes that are soft, light-weight and above all, flexible.

For this reason, the method is commonly adopted in the construction of open-toed or open-heeled shoes, such as kids’ sandals or light shoes, but it is often used also for making men’s shoes, both for casual models and more formal ones.

Some technical details…

The California slip-lasting process is a handcrafting technique which consists of working the reverse side of the upper and sewing it to the lining and soft bottom material so as to form a sort of bag into which the last is slipped; it is subsequently turned the right way out to be attached to the sole.

Since it is practically impossible afterwards to make any adjustments, all the parts must be cut and stitched accurately during the early stages of the process.