Between new entries (grey and brown) and classics (neutral, red, black, white, pink, metal), here are the colours for Autumn/Winter 23/24

Colours, as we know, are always the same, but the ebb and flow of fashion from season to season forget some and bring others back into the spotlight. For the approaching Autumn-Winter season, two shades that had been relegated to the background, grey and brown, are back with a vengeance on the catwalks and in collections, but are now in line with the new diktat of “quiet luxury”. If a single colour from head to toe can be a simple and prudent choice, the combination of two or more colours can also be a winner. Of course, the accessory has its weight in the balance of dressing and, for each colour, there is also a shoe in the same shade.


From burnt, to leather, to chocolate, brown is to be considered the new black. If in footwear, it has the reputation of being a classic, the real turning point is in clothing, where total brown reigns.



More than a monochrome. It seems that the human eye is able to distinguish 16 shades of grey (perhaps not 50 as in the novel adapted to film in 2015): from pearl grey, to smoke, to dove grey, to anthracite, to slate, fashion has revived these shades.


Reassuring and passe-par-tout, beige and neutral shades such as ivory, sand, and hazelnut cannot be missing in the autumn wardrobe if you want to favour a minimalist look.



Daring for a total look, where even the footwear must be rigorously red. In this way, evening and daytime outfits are created that are tinged “red hot”.



Cleared through customs in recent seasons, and not only in women’s fashion, but also in men’s fashion, pink is modulated in various shades ranging from pale to bubble, to fuchsia. And, of course, Barbie pink in the vein of the film.



Metallic surfaces that give shine to garments and accessories. They range from silver, certainly the most present in the collections, to gold, bronze, and pewter.



Total white even in winter. It can be rigorous and minimalist, but also elegant and glam, suitable for both the daytime and evening. As far as footwear is concerned, the prejudice that binds it to summer must be overcome.


Last, but not least, you can never go wrong with black. It transmits refinement and class and contrasts the overdose of bright and gaudy colours that have invaded fashion in recent seasons.