Firms with over 50 years of business activity tell their story

Entrepreneurial legacy and tradition, but also identity and DNA: in a word, heritage.

This is what Italian Shoes wants to make known to the wider public, by finding and spotlighting footwear companies that have been in business for at least 50 years. Half a century recounted through pictures of the factories, people and products that have contributed to the success of their brands.

And the number of firms operating in the footwear industry for 50 years or more is quite substantial : most sprang up during the economic boom and were able to expand their business in Italy and abroad at a time when consumers started to succumb to the fascination of Made in Italy.

Heritage is a proud privilege that companies are not always aware of having; a plus to be transmitted through solid values firmly rooted in the local area, in the shoe manufacturing district and supply chain, which are prerogatives of Italian manufacturing. A 360-degree concept that also includes a manufacturing know-how handed down from generation to generation by skilled craftsmen capable of combining traditional manual processes with the latest and most advanced technology.

Teamwork aimed at achieving the highest standards of quality for Made in Italy products – a quality that has become synonymous with beautiful and well-made.

[Photo by Filippo Ciappi on Flickr]