Thierry Rabotin’s paintings for loyal customers

An eclectic character, Thierry Rabotin not only dedicated himself to designing footwear that was put into production, but photography and painting were also among his interests. To such an extent that footwear became the star of his pop soul paintings. If the designer, who passed away in 2017, left a void in the sector and in the company that continues to produce the brand, Parabiago Collezioni, his art continues to live on through a well-stocked archive from which some paintings from the ‘Dance Collection 2007’ have been extracted and reproduced and given to loyal customers. A way to reaffirm the company’s link with art and to remember how even footwear is an object that is born, like paintings, from the inspiration and dexterity of a specialised workforce. Accessories, those produced for the Thierry Rabotin brand, combine beauty and quality without underestimating the well-being of the wearer. In fact, the designer used to say: “I love designing shoes that wrap around the foot, giving the sensation of walking barefoot”. And it is still the motto of the brand.