A new ecological brand chooses Alcantara® as its preferred material

Happy animal. In Latin, fera libens, the name of the new brand founded in 2015 by Francesco Virtuani and Federico Guenzi, two former Bocconi students who set up their project in the business accelerator Speed Mi Up, created by Università Bocconi with the Chamber of Commerce of Milan, years after finishing their studies.

Virtuani is a vegetarian, Guenzi is a shoemaker’s grandson, and the two combined their personal history, passions and enterprising spirit to set up a brand that combines Italian design and the excellence of Italian-made footwear with a focus on animals and the environment.

We're strongly convinced that consumers need to make choices on the basis of greater awareness and responsibility to nature and animals, while at the same time drawing on Italy's characteristic taste and tradition of craftsmanship, known and appreciated all over the world.

“The message we want to pass on,” he says, “is that we can have greater respect for the world around us and for the living beings that inhabit it without having to give up the pleasures of life, such as the pleasure of wearing beautiful, quality things.”

And Fera Libens shoes, made out of materials such as cotton, microfibre, Vibram rubber and, above all, Alcantara®, used to make the uppers and linings of certain styles, are definitely quality shoes, designed in Milan and made in Gargallo, in Piedmont, with soles from Vigevano.

All the styles, for both men and women, are variations on the theme of the classic Derby and Oxford, while the new shoe we are presenting this spring/summer is a niagara blue lace-up (on the cover).