From women’s sandals to cowboy boots, Fauzian Jeunesse has always been focused on quality

From women’s sandals, with which the brand began to make itself known in 1970, to cowboy boots, another of the company’s must-haves that was introduced in the 1990s, Fauzian Jeunesse has always been focused on quality.

The ‘Made in Italy’ production is characterised by a high level of craftsmanship. From the ‘Blake’ artisanal stitching to the garment dyeing of the models, the manufacturing of footwear requires numerous steps to acquire that aged patina that characterises the production of the Marche-based company. The collection for S/S 2022 embodies the essence of the brand and ranges from highly decorated cowboy boots, to flat sandals, to slingbacks, and medium and high-heeled pumps.