Even footwear pays homage to Earth Day with products and projects

One day a year is certainly not enough to reflect on the environment and to set good resolutions. Earth Day, which is celebrated every year on the 22nd of April, takes on a symbolic meaning that amplifies the daily and universal commitment of people and companies towards the environment. It was on the 22nd of April, 1970 when 20 million Americans united in an anguished appeal to save the planet. Since then, it certainly cannot be said that everything has changed and that ecological balances have been restored. There is still a long way to go and the fashion sector, second in the world for pollution, when cornered is reacting at different speeds depending on its sub-sectors. Greenwashing is always lurking just around the corner, but “true” sustainability is infecting more and more companies. Of course, it is an obstacle course where there are still no well-defined certifications and parameters to follow, but attention and sensitivity towards green projects and products, circular economy practices, recycling and up-cycling initiatives. And in small steps, fashion brands are doing their part. Here are some innovations in the footwear sector.

Hogan-3R: recycle, reuse, reduce

Synthesised by the 3Rs that accompany the logo and which allude to “recycle, reuse, reduce”, the collection also expresses the brand’s philosophy: responsible product innovation, conscious use of resources, and waste reduction. The models take inspiration from the world of cricket and its discreet elegance and are made with materials composed of regenerated leather and recycled plastics. The ultra-light soles are produced from the recovery of industrial waste that prevents waste disposal.

Diadora: the basketball shoe in recycled materials

The green shoe by Diadora is called MI Basket 2030. The materials that constitute it are post-consumer recycled polyester and plant-based and water-based polyurethane. The sole is in pre-consumer recycled synthetic rubber, the laces are in post-consumer recycled polyester, the insole is removable and made in recycled polyurethane foam.

Life Re-Shoes by Scarpa: the first phase is underway

The first phase of the Life Re-Shoes project of the Scarpa di Asolo company officially began in mid-April and involves 50 sales points in Lombardy, Veneto and Trentino, which will become Re-Shops for the collection of used shoes of the model urban outdoor Mojito. The objective of the initiative is to collect 15,000 pairs of footwear by the end of the year which will enter a virtuous recycling system and will lead to the creation of as many pairs, with a range of use of recycled material in the new model between 50% and 70%. The Re-Shoes project benefits from funding under the Life programme of the European Union and was created with the aim of providing an alternative, circular and sustainable solution for managing the end of life of shoes. From May, stores in other Italian regions and the brand’s retailers in France, Austria, and Germany will be involved for a total of around 250 sales points in Europe (the list is constantly updated at the link)


Docksteps renews its commitment to Legambiente

On the occasion of World Earth Day Docksteps, a company of the Zeis Excelsa group, is donating a supply of boots for the second year to the volunteers of the environmental association engaged in cleaning the Baden-Powell park in Milan. An invitation for everyone to literally roll up their sleeves to make urban spaces more liveable and at the same time promote a community spirit that consists of commitment to and solidarity with the environment.