Two Kids Fashion Bloggers talk about how and why it is important to choose shoes Made in Italy.

Perfect children’s shoes are recognisable by a few essential details. At the MICAM we talked to a pair of kids fashion blogger, Valentina Piccini and Simona Mazzei, about the essential features they look for in children’s shoes, describing a model among the many of their favorites while visiting at the iKids Square.

Simona Mazzei is Fiammetta’s mother, and she created the blog Fiammisday in 2012, all about children’s fashion trends. At the MICAM Simona chose a very particular sneaker, and she told us all about it.

Why did you choose this shoe?

I chose this sneaker because of the particular features of the sole and the removable polka-dot ribbons. They struck me as a clear example of the fact that sneakers are comfortable, but can also be worn on elegant occasions.

I chose this shoe because it’s appropriate for everyday wear but the special details, such as the polka-dot laces, can be used to transform it from a classic shoe into something unusual

What shoe style, fabrics and special workmanship do you prefer when looking for shoes for your children?

When choosing shoes for my daughter, no matter what I “need” to buy (in terms of occasions and uses), I always look at the quality of the leather first of all, because if the leather is soft, she’ll be comfortable in the shoes and able to wear them without difficulty. The sole is also essential, because children, especially small children, need comfortable shoes made just for them.

What do you see as essential features in a shoe?

A reinforced sole: essential for the spinal column and to make sure they walk properly.

What proves to you that a shoe is made in Italy?

I can recognise an Italian shoe by the leather, the way it feels and smells; and Italian-made shoes are recognisable for their simplicity, compared to shoes made abroad, or shoes made in Italy for export. Shoes for the Italian market tend to “pare down”, rather than add, and so we have shoes with very streamlined lines, which can of course be decorated with details such as glitter or various accessories, but the shoe itself is very simple. I believe we can recognise shoes made in Italy by this characteristic, and above all by the leather, the seams, the sole and the workmanship.

Valentina Piccini of Mamme a Spillo has 4 children (3 girls and one boy) and she chose a simple yet unusual white sneaker.

Why did you choose this shoe?

As I have a lot of kids and I do not have an infinite amount of space on my shoe rack, I need to combine style with practicality, and so, even when the girls are going to school, I try to find shoes that look nice and can be used for leisure wear as well. The shoe I chose it’s the perfect example of how these two aspects can be combined. It’s a new version of the sneaker, with a special sole improved with the addition of a number of elements, an aspect we have seen in all the brands at the fair this year. I really like the colour white because I believe sneakers in this colour, worn the way only children can wear them, take on an increasingly lived-in look and look better and better.

I chose this sneaker because it’s simple and appropriate for everyday wear, but at the same time made special by a number of features that make it perfect even on special occasions

What shoe style, fabrics and special workmanship do you prefer when looking for shoes for your children?

For my 15 month old son I choose shoes that look nice, of course, but above all are suitable for him and his age. My son started to walk wearing Made in Italy shoes, and what really surprised me is that when I left him free to walk barefoot he didn’t do it, but he did start walking when he had shoes on. This is because, in actual fact, a shoe anatomically stabilises the part of the foot between the heel and the ball of the foot, making the child feel very secure. In this case, the shoe had to be made well and have a removable insole, to guarantee hygiene and make sure the foot could breathe.

What essential features do you look for in shoes for your children?

I try to choose a variety of shoes that look different, partly so that they’ll go with their clothes. I think a mother buying shoes (especially quality Italian shoes, which are, quite rightly, not among the cheapest) should pay a lot of attention to the strength of the leather.

What proves to you that a shoe is made in Italy?

I can recognise an Italian shoe by the smell of the leather, and by its flexibility. Shoes with rubber and plastic inserts don’t smell strong, if they’re made in Italy. This is important, because when the child puts the shoe on, if it’s not good quality, it might let in substances which may be toxic and harmful to the skin.