Footwear is important and it’s the sole that makes the difference

A growing sport, even if in Italy the levels of diffusion seen in Spain and South America have not yet been reached (in fact, the sport was born in the ‘70s in Mexico). Yet the racket game, called “pala” (“shovel”), has experienced a real boom with over one million practitioners (there are 25 million in the world) and a 489% increase in members compared to 2019. According to FITP data (the Italian Tennis and Padel Federation), passion for the sport is also growing on social media: in Italy 4.4 million people follow Padel on Facebook and Instagram. As a result, sports facilities have grown, many of which are regulated by apps that allow access to an increasingly large community of enthusiasts with whom to play and book matches also based on age and level of play.

Like all sports, Padel equipment also has its rules. In addition to the very important “shovel”, the footwear cannot be the generic tennis or running shoe, because Padel involves rapid movements, braking, slipping, and sudden turns and, consequently, the grip of the sole is fundamental, as are the technologies that ensure stability, reactivity, and cushioning. In addition to the big international players, specialised in various sports, the made in Italy brand Lotto also offers models dedicated to Padel.

Lotto presented a shoe with the new Padelturf tread, developed to achieve the best performance on padel courts while maximising resistance to wear caused by friction with synthetic surfaces. In fact, it is designed with irregular studs to ensure excellent traction thanks to a parallel line structure, specially joined in an ‘S’ shape for greater stability even in lateral movements. In the areas subject to the most wear, the studs are replaced by specially designed rubber sections, such as in the heel and toe areas, while their absence on the side allows for improved sliding. In addition, the Padelturf sole is made of Lotto’s LL40 compound, a special rubber compound with high abrasion resistance, which guarantees a longer sole life and an excellent level of traction and stability.