Footwear for all seasons and uses is the key to the young creative designers’ collections

Freed from the usual schemes imposed by the seasons and occasions for use, the 12 young designers featured at Micam combine sandals and boots, pumps and slingbacks in their collections, doing away with the boundaries between summer and winter, day and night, tradition and innovation. Stories of creativity, and of links with their homelands and roots, as they come from all over the world, though most of them studied in Europe. Twelve different visions, frequently converging on green values, expressed through use of recycled materials in the uppers and soles and zero-kilometre production. The stylists who presented their collections at Micam in February are: 10.2 (France), Ahdiid (Italy), Éhonté (USA), Felipe Fiallo (Ecuador), ID-Eight (Italy & Korea), Marianna Mazza (Italy), Salone Monet (USA), Selva (Spain), Shoe Shoe (France), Sophie Benel (France), Sucette (Italy), Vandrelaar (Great Britain).

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