Each model is embellished with a detail created in collaboration with a goldsmith

Never has it been as appropriate to define a shoe a “jewel”. This is because Elena Kolt, a designer who is originally Russian but naturalised Italian, adorns each model of shoe with jewels she created and made in collaboration with goldsmiths in the district of Valenza. An innate passion for footwear and an almost maniacal attention to detail characterise the professional path of this young woman who studied at the Marangoni fashion school in Milan and also lived in Paris, starting out with a pair of shoes created for herself with the mantis theme that other women immediately liked. Hence the choice to continue with the theme of insects (geckos, beetles, mantises), little masterpieces made of gold-plated metal. But details alone are not enough to make a shoe unique if there is no accurate construction, an added value that only ‘Made in Italy’ can provide through the know-how and expertise gained over the years by Italian footwear manufacturers. Naturally, therefore, Elena chose a Vigevano-based producer with much experience with whom to work; she herself designs the heel and the shape of the shoe and chooses the materials, which are always high quality. The collection for summer 2021 focuses on sandals, in both flat or 7cm heel versions, onto which precious insects and leaf and feather decorations in metallic leather are carefully placed.

For the current winter season, Elena also proposes combat boot and sneaker models embellished with small silver ants or embroidered deer. All her shoes, distributed by the Senato13 showroom, are designed with comfort in mind because, as Coco Chanel said, “luxury must be comfortable, otherwise what kind of luxury is it?”.