The plus is the slip lasting method

The great added value of a shoe are the quality of the materials and the workmanship that makes it soft, flexible, and comfortable. The shoe-making process is complex and requires accuracy: it takes about 200 steps to build an entire DUEDÌ SHOES piece. These are the advantages that the brand offers, with its slip lasting method (uppers without cuts or seams) to guarantee extreme softness and comfort. Similar to tubular processing, this method involves the separate application of the leather from the lining, built “like a glove” to the shape of the shoe and closed up like a sock around the foot. The slip lasting method, also called the “Bologna”, eliminates the insole, thus achieving great flexibility for the shoe, so much so that it can be folded in two by squeezing it between your thumb and your index finger. The look is that of a deconstructed shoe, made even more wearable thanks to its low heel and raw leather sole.