The brand’s debut in kidswear clothing

There is not just footwear in the brand Cult’s history, which enters into the world of childrenswear with clothing dedicated to the age group 8 to 16. About 80 items, for both boys and girls, complete their range of shoes, which includes the combat boot which is an iconic model for the brand which, together with Docksteps and Virtus Palestre, belongs to the Zeis Excelsa group from the Marche region. The two macro themes of the collection had to be centred on the two main moods of the brand that revolve around the combat boot and the sneaker, for a more street-inspired look. The materials used for clothing alternate jersey with tulle, denim with stretch cotton, and knitwear. There is no shortage of rock-inspired details such as studs, zips, and chains for the boys, while for the girls there are fringes, embroidery, and sequins.