The new ‘Made in Italy’ models from the Seishou brand

Comfort and minimal design come together in the new models by Seishou, the men’s footwear brand that expresses the essential aesthetics of the two Japanese creators Masaharu Ikeda and Yuko Matsuzaki. Comfort, on the other hand, is the result of the Italian matrix construction of the footwear, a tribute to the ‘Made in Italy’ know-how that the Japanese duo has always loved and appreciated, ever since they came into contact with the craftsmanship of our country’s workshops. These characteristics are the basis of the philosophy of Seishou, a name made up of two ideograms which together create the concept of “singing in unison”, meaning precisely the union between Japanese design and Italian craftsmanship. “Taking inspiration from the preppy looks of the 60s” – designer Yuko Matsuzaki explains the mood of this line – “I decided to create New Standard models, combining essential design with comfort, without neglecting contemporary elegance. I researched the trends of the moment in the fashion world to create a collection that was carefully curated in style and materials, and that was suitable for any occasion”. Thus, you find boat shoes, college-style moccasins, leather and suede sneakers, and a model halfway between a tennis shoe and a lace-up.