Gabrielle clogs are the product of teamwork involving a designer, a craftsperson, an artist and a goldsmith.

Only clogs, because, according to Gabriella Sala, who established the brand in 2016, “I wanted to take a new look at a product that I see as a symbol of the strength and pride of the past.


I got the idea from looking at old photographs of women wearing clogs”.

To make her clogs truly unique, she starts with beech wood, moulded by the hands of skilled craftspeople in the Brianza region, and adds uppers hand-painted by an artist and decorated with gold and silver appliqués or gemstones set by a goldsmith.

This meticulous attention to detail is a sign of all-Italian craftsmanship, ensuring that every single pair is different from any other; the left clog may even be different from the right. The results include due models of sandals. The first one is Ecante, a clog featuring little shiny stars.

Ecante clog

The second one is Morgana, with ponyskin uppers and a gecko painted on the heel as a token of good luck; the stones used are amethyst, blue or yellow topaz, pink tormaline, and red zircon.

Morgana clog

According to the designer, “The sparkle of the Morgana clog is intended to attract good luck, light and energy”. Clogs can also be customised with the customer’s favourite word, phrase or drawing.