The influencer reveals her winter collection and the pieces for next summer.

MICAM was doubtlessly a social media affair this year. Emerging designers came out in as great a number as influencers, there were Chinese KOLs who post about Italian shoes, the newly-elected Miss Italia, Carolina Stramare, who was at the Luciano Barachini stand – the designer who created the shoes for the competition finalists – and, of course, Chiara Biasi (2.4 million followers) who presented her shoe collection produced in the Marche region and distributed by Spazio Specie.

After taking a break from work”, explained Chiara, “and following my experience with swimwear, collaborating with Bikini Lovers and Poisson d’Amour, I decided to venture into the world of shoes. Shoes that are like me, with models that are a little bit sensual and a little bit masculine, while also being comfortable and affordable for young people. They cost about 200 euros”.
For autumn-winter there are mules, lace-up boots, moonboots and velvet cuissard boots with a removable anatomic sole. While spring-summer features a combination of mules, sliders and sneakers with a transparent, stretch mesh upper.
My favourite pieces? The cuissard boots for winter and the mules for summer. To begin with, I thought mules would be tricky to offer, but with their elasticated mesh upper they’re both practical and sensual and can be worn with long or short bottoms, day and night”.