Tradition and progressiveness resonate in the 4 models of Prada America's Cup, in 22 versions

[On the cover: Cass x Prada]

That creativity runs in the family of Cassius Hirst is evident in his talent: Cass is the son of Damien Hirst, the most visionary contemporary artist; but also has a pinch of affinity with those who are willing to reinvent themselves, which is the case with Miuccia Prada. Both personalities have joined forces to create a capsule collection of four sneaker models, available in 22 versions. All eyes are on the iconic Prada America’s Cup, which Cass reinterprets in an entirely personal way, using them as a blank canvass to create sculptural surfaces, reinterpreted by means of hand and spray painting. Already at the tender age of 14 (today he is twenty-two), Cassius Hirst enjoyed bringing to life such customisations, and it was his father who first showed Miuccia Prada a photo. Inevitably something sparked between them, culminating in these special pieces, made in Italy and presented in a campaign by Axel Morin, with a surreal performance showcasing shoes and customised masks in which each character is anonymous yet unique at the same time.

The four Cass x Prada sneaker styles draw their names from the world of music, reflective of the interests of Cassius and the passions of his fans. ATT4CK, D3CAY, SUST4IN, REL3ASE are all named after the ‘envelope’ or life of a sound, the stages of its evolution. The title of each style suggests their look and feel: the hard-edged, moulded spikes of ATT4CK, sprayed with neon; the distressed leather of D3CAY, stripped and intentionally faded; the solid brights of SUST4IN, with overpainted white relief details; and the neon- spray finish of REL3ASE.

All the models (3000 pairs in the world) are unique, with individually signed CASS labels, so no two pairs are the same. The box design features both the Prada and the Cassius Hirst logo – a scan of his brain. The collection is on sale in selected Prada boutiques and on