L4K3 (Lake) is inspired by the local territory and the handcrafting tradition.

The original name L4k3 is a declaration of intent expressing the brand concept: Lake Iseo, its colours, flowers and the little animals that live around it provide the inspiration for the brand created in 2012 by Massimiliano Carta, Katia Del Bello and Francesco Baiguini, based in Pian Camuno (BS).

Their aim is to give creative expression to local traditions and cultural heritage.

And so they were inspired by sailor’s hawsers by master rope-makers in Montisola as trim for sneakers and straps for watches and bracelets, and embroidery on the uppers depicting animals and flowers.

The spring/summer 2017 collection features the Big 5, the kingfisher, the dragonfly, the frog, the tench and the firebug, all protected species in Lake Iseo.

Next fall/winter’s collection features the Camunian rose, another symbol of the lake and the best-known of the rock carvings found there. Research and discovery of hidden secrets are part of the brand’s heritage, inspired by the three founders’ love of their native land.

“In the village of Monno in the Camonica Valley, everyone has a loom for making colourful rag mats”, explains Katia Del Bello. “What we want to do is bring back these creations and use them in our upcoming collections. The local association Segno Artigiano, which brings together outstanding local products and promotes “quality know-how”, asked us to talk about our experience”.